We are dedicated to a life serving Jesus Christ through love and service.


We are devoted to living a life of unity together with all christian denominations.


We are fully committed to living life together.

Our Mission

We are a people seeking to help one another live our lives to glorify God, through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

“For many years the Alleluia Community has been a shining light of unity in an ocean of christian separateness. Here, Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Pentecostals share their lives in a lively charismatic atmosphere.”

– Dr. Vinson Synan
Dean Emeritus
Regent University School of Divinity

Our Agreements

We believe the Holy Spirit has called us together to live the Christian life, culture, and unity that God desires for all people and all denominations.

Want to come learn about community life?

If you are interested in experiencing community life and live out of town, we invite you to come spend time with us. We are happy to host you. If you live in the Augusta area, we invite you to begin to share the life – attend the weekly prayer meeting or a small group meeting to see what we are about.