Thankful for Answered Prayers

“You believed because you have seen Me; blessed are those who have not seen, but have believed” (Jn. 20:29).

Faith is the key that unlocks all of God’s promises. He wants to give good gifts to us, His children, so He gives us Faith as an unmerited gift that we might then turn to Him in our every need. Since God is a perfect father, He is eager to help His children succeed by providing all that is necessary. The Bible calls the Father’s eagerness zeal. “The zeal of the Lord will do this” (Is. 9:6).

Prayer, then, comes about when we believe enough in our Father’s zealous love for us that we TURN to Him. See, the opposite of turning to Him is turning inwards towards our self. It is a choice to be fearful and isolated, in short, unbelieving. How sorrowful Jesus was when He went to His hometown of Nazareth but “could work no miracle there, such was their lack of faith” (Mt. 13:58). He had the same sorrow over Jerusalem because of its lack of faith. The two places closest to Jesus’ heart were the two places most closed to His divine love!  Read more…