Finding Vision For My Life

By: Jonathan Cosper Life is seasonal. We all have ups and downs. We experience highs and lows. Many of my trials, I endure with the knowledge that this too shall pass, the sun will rise … Read More

The Year of Love – 2020

By: Bob Garrett From top-to-bottom and side-to-side, if we did not love one another with a deep and abiding love, we would have self-destructed long ago. Most of the valuable things in our community life … Read More

Can We Be Martha and Mary?

By: Bev Firmin Often when we hear this Gospel read, there is a nagging in the back of our minds…. “I wish I could be more like Mary, but there is so much to be … Read More

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Spiritual Direction is Life Changing

by: Theresa Dominey The first time I heard about spiritual direction was about five years ago. I began going to the “Fire Within” teachings at Dan and Marie Almeter’s house. When this teaching program began, … Read More

Knowing Yourself

As a registered nurse for 38 years, I worked in a variety of jobs, practically every department in the old St. Joseph’s Hospital. I learned how to do head-to-toe assessments on patients

Reckless Devotion

Recently, I have been reading the booklets titled, “Our Vision” and “Foundational Documents of the Alleluia Community.” These booklets describe the components of our lives that formed our vision even before we were a community.

How Do Ownership and Community Go Together?

by Ian Barth Editor: This is an article from the Voices Blog by the Bruderhof members, an intentional Christian Community. It is very pertinent to how we strive to live out our Covenant. Published with … Read More