Youth Development

The Alleluia Community School is an accredited k-12 co-educational school operated by the community to educate the children of community members. More than just an educational institution, it is a family educating its children.

Alleluia’s Youth Development program follows a similar model. You won’t find any paid or position Youth Ministers reaching out to our youth–rather, its many different moms, dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents, couples and singles who have each said “yes” to a call to participate in a specific ministry for our children.

The Little Sisters program for elementary aged girls, for example, has been led for many years by parent, grandmother and former Alleluia teacher Karen Philips. She, joined by so many mothers from each elementary grade, has maintained a positive, nurturing, and relationship building program for these girls as they navigate the years leading up to middle school. The Annual PineWood Derby, with ongoing support from our Elementary Dads, is a wonderful family event where our elementary boys can build pinewood race cars together with their fathers or uncles and learn sportsmanship at the same time.

Another example is the dozen or so young adult singles and marrieds that make up the YAMs, or Young Adult Ministers, a program which ministers to our high school students.  And lately the Lord is also growing an outreach for our post-high school singles through a College Ministry which is championed by several young Alleluia families with a heart to see our singles flourish. 

But “youth ministry” isn’t just limited to our formal ministry programs. In Alleluia, we consider every positive interaction as a bridge to our youth and an opportunity to guide them into mature Christian adulthood. From our folks who coach for sports, Uncles who work alongside our boys at our monthly “work party” where we do maintenance for our school, even Mom’s gathering for pre-school fellowships–these and other examples are all the so many vital ways the Lord is growing our young people in Alleluia.

-Wouter Ceyssens, Director of Youth Development