The Joys and Challenges of Parenting through all of the Stages

It is often said that parenting is not for cowards. It is true that parenting is a non-stop endeavor and some days are easier than others for sure. I had my “I can do it days” when I felt strong and capable and empowered, but I also had plenty of “deer in a headlight” days when I felt body slammed, on the verge of tears and numb. Nonetheless, throughout Scripture it is obvious that raising children is a wonderful blessing of God, full of challenges but with a multitude of joys as well.

Infants are the sweetest of treasures. Little and pink, full of promise, their chubby cheeks and cherub-like smiles are balanced by endless diapers, colic, sleepless nights and exhaustion. I think that I spent 20 years rocking babies in the middle of the night, feeding and praying for the one in my arms and those asleep down the hall. I am sure that those tired prayers raised to heaven in the dark are what sustained me, and they now make me smile in remembrance. My challenge in those days was to try to put things into a routine the best I could. I knew things went better for us when I didn’t feel defeated as I sat on the floor amid piles of laundry and stacked blocks with my little one. Sometimes you just have to take the long view and say “this too shall pass.”          Read More…..